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30 Hour Driver's Education Classroom
The 30 Hour Classroom Driver's Education - is our most comprehensive program for teens. They can begin at age 14 years 6 months and there is no age limit. The certificate is good for 180 days. We need to be sure that the student's 15th birthday will fall into that timeframe to be able to complete the Written Test and apply for Driver's Permit. The class is made up of instruction, question and answer, interaction, and videos. The student is evaluated with a final test.
Sections are covered in detail and include:
The Driver - Responsibilities & No Accidents Signs, Signals and Markings
Vehicle Operation Vehicle Maneuvering
Managing Risk & IPDE Effects of Driver Condition and Safe Driving
Alcohol and Other Influences Distracted Driving
The Law of Physics and Driver Control Safely Negotiating Intersections
Sharing the Roadway Driving in Adverse Conditions
Handling Emergencies Driving in City Traffic
Driving in Rural Areas Driving on Highways
4 Hour Driver's Education Classroom
The 4 Hour Extended Driver Awareness Program (EDAP) - is a compressed version of the 30 Hour Drivers Education class described above. This class is available to student's 15 years and 6 Months and there is no age limit. This class is also recognized by Colorado as an alternative to receiving points on some traffic violations and can be assigned by the court. This course highlights many of the sections in the 30 Hour Class and does include an in depth section on alcohol and driving. This course also prepares the student for and includes the Written Test. When test is successfully completed and Driver's Permit can be obtained @ DMV.
Written Test
Written test - refers to the DMV written test required in order to obtain a Driver's Permit. This test can be taken here @ In & Out Driving School. Two attempts are included with our classroom programs. The test consists of 25 questions and must be passed by 80% (miss 5). There a four different tests. If not successfully passed in the four attempts the candidate must continue testing directly at DMV.
Driver's Permit
Driver's Permit - refers to the DMV Driver's Permit issued after passing the Written Test. The standard under 17 driver's permit is usually issued for 3 years. Although a permit can be issued for other lengths of time including 30 days and one year. Permits can have many restrictions however driving on any permit requires the presence of a legally responsible adult over the age of 21 and holding a valid colorado driver's license in the front passenger seat. The under 17 permit must be held for one full year before being able to take the Road Test and apply for a GDL Driver's License. A teen driver under 18 has a number of restrictions on their driving privilege. Teens with a permit may not drive with anyone other than a driving instructor, parent, legal guardian or a licensed adult 21 years of age or older who is authorized by the parent or guardian.
6 Hour Behind The Wheel
6 Hour Behind The Wheel - Colorado requires this instruction for any teen driver under 16 years 6 months taking the Road Test and applying for a GDL Driver's License. The 6 Hour Behind The Wheel program however is a great learning experience for any new driver. In & Out Driving School Grand Junction has set up a very comprehensive driving course for new drivers. This program is three 2 hour sessions. We recommend driving with your teen about 20 to 30 hours into their 50 Hour Log Time before beginning the first 6 hour session. Bring them in for the first 3 hour session. After the first session, continue their log toward the end of their required year. Just before the end of their required one year, bring them back for the second 3 hour session. We will drive the more advanced portion of the program and finish with a preparation of the Drive Test. If the one year requirement has been met we can conclude with the Drive Test immediately after or as soon as the one year has been met. Our driving time will have included:
Parking Lot maneuvers with Steering and Parking Practice Neighborhood Driving Skills
Downtown Driving w/ Proper Stopping, Lane Control, and Turning Proper One Way Street Procedures
Parallel Parking Blind Corner Procedures
Higher Speed Parkway and Business Loop Driving Proper Traffic Light Stopping and Turning Procedures
Proper Highway Driving and Lane Positions Emergency Vehicle Skills
Proper U-Turn Procedures and Rules 3-Point Turn Procedures and Safety
Round About Rules, Practices and Right Away Procedures Proper Yield Safety and Merging
Safe Highway Driving Following Distances and Gap
Proper On Ramp Acceleration and Off Ramp Deceleration Practices Safe Interstate Driving Rules
Move Over Law Procedures Large Truck Safety and 'No Zones'
50 Hour Log
50 Hour Drive Log - For any teen under 18 at the time they apply for their Drivers License the state of CO requires a drive log recorded with the adult who signed the affidavit of responsibility. The log must submit proof of 50 driving hours, at least 40 hours during the day and 10 hours of night driving. In & Out Driving School Grand Junction can supply the log recording form or give reference to a mobile app to record the proof.
Road Test
Road Test - In order to obtain or reinstate a Colorado Drivers License, an applicant must show safe driving skills in the form of an on the road drive test. This test is designed to score a driver's basic skills and understanding of legal requirements. It tests skills such as proper stop sign procedures, lane change requirements, turning safety, intersection awareness, traffic awareness and other vehicle control safety. The Colorado test does not include parallel parking. It is a very good idea to review procedures related to the aforementioned skills to help insure a successful test. We have found the largest number of failures are related to proper stop sign procedures.
Graduated Driver's License
Graduated Driver's License - The Colorado Graduated Driver's License program is designed to give new drivers responsibility that matches their experience. Many teens have been killed in collisions related to distraction and late hour driving especially after late hours. Although not directly reflected in the current restrictions, late hour fatalities increase on Friday and Saturday nights. These restrictions are truly put into place to keep your teen safer as they gain driving experience. Real numbers show that teen deaths decreased in a large percentage after this program was put in place. Licensed teen drivers cannot have passengers under the age or 21 in the vehicle for the first 6 months unless a parent or other licensed adult driver is in the vehicle. If after the first six months you feel your teen is responsible enough to drive unsupervised with friends, he or she may do so with only one passenger under the age of 21 in the front seat. Siblings and medical emergencies are exceptions.

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